Qualcomm is getting killed in the stock market today for its ongoing feud with Apple.

Apple has filed a $1 billion lawsuit, against Qualcomm and now it looks as though Apple is adding a couple more antitrust lawsuits for good measure. First posted by Reuters on Wednesday, the latest suits were instigated by Apple's subsidiary in China. They claim that Qualcomm "abused its clout" in the industry and that the company never made good on its promise to cheaply license its patents.

Coincidentally the stock market has taken notice of this spat between the two giants and has punished Qualcomm which has seen stock price dive since last Friday’s closing price of $64.99 a share to $54 dollars today.

All indications would suggest that watching this stock is imperative at this point as Qualcomm is also seeking to complete its purchase of the highly valued NXP. The merging of these two companies has been cited has highly complementary and should help Qualcomm boost its sagging semiconductor sales.

The end result of tracking this company now may result in a nice payoff down the road it Qualcomm can tie up its legal affairs properly.