AMD Poised for stock price rise...

AMD has recently announced the all new "Ryzen" processors to challenge intel supremacy in the desktop world. Additionally AMD also announced a new GPU architecture called "Vega" which AMD had said it will be used and the base architecture for the next 4 years. 

AMD has also shown that is it is prepared to use these new technological advancements to push forward its Radeon machine learning platforms, which will be ever present in our world in the coming years. More automation is coming for just about every industry.

Currently AMD's Stock price is sitting at $11.43 a share which is up from around $2.00 dollars at the beginning of 2016. NVIDIA who is AMD's main rival, currently has a share price sitting around $100 dollars and also saw a meteoric rise in stock price in 2016, growing from around $30 dollars at the onset of the year. NVIDA has released it's PX 2 autonomous system that Tesla is using in their cars.

Significantly so AMD has always been priced lower than NVIDA in the GPU arena which may also provide a discount to its deep learning platforms, challenging NVIDA on price.

AMD is a stock to watch now as it should also expect to see it stock price rise throughout 2017 as these products will be available by the second quarter.

Stay tuned!