NASDAQ was crushed today

The NASDAQ is getting crushed today given a large in what is being described as profit taking after what was a possibly an over bought market near the end of 2016. This is a good time to keep an eye on the tech stocks that are looking most attractive to your investment portfolio.

Leading the way down was AMD which lost 7%, dropping from $10.58 down to $9.82 and continues to trade down in after hours trading. AMD is due to release its financials later this month and the anticipation on the street is that it will post a loss for the quarter. AMD looks to have a bright future with new technologies expected to be released in the first quarter and later on in the second quarter, unveiling a new processor line and GPU line.

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Is silver a good bet to rise?

If you have been watching the price of silver lately you would know that in the last 6 months the price of silver has fallen from $20, as it was back in July of last year, to $16 as of time of this post. Many were predicting that the price of silver would have been back at 20 dollars at the start of 2017 as many were expecting interest rates to increase.

A few things happened along the way to ensure that silver did not rise to $20 dollars at the start of 2017. 

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2017 Tax Season

Find out what you need for this years tax season...

The tax season is upon us! Get the latest information on what the IRS is saying for 2017.

The IRS will begin accepting electronic tax returns Monday January 23, with more than 153 million individual tax returns expected to be filed in 2017. Some software companies and tax professionals can accept tax returns before opening day, but this does not mean that your returns will be filled at that time. Those companies will still have to wait to file those returns. In short, in any situation with which someone can file a tax return, nothing will be processed until opening day. 

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AMD Poised for stock price rise...

AMD has recently announced the all new "Ryzen" processors to challenge intel supremacy in the desktop world. Additionally AMD also announced a new GPU architecture called "Vega" which AMD had said it will be used and the base architecture for the next 4 years. 

AMD has also shown that is it is prepared to use these new technological advancements to push forward its Radeon machine learning platforms, which will be ever present in our world in the coming years. More automation is coming for just about every industry.

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The next tech revolution is coming, are you ready to invest?

During the PC revolution that started back in the early 90’s one could have never conceived that a small phone would someday replace the PC as the primary device people used to play music, games, browse the web, read email and organize life in general. Bill Gates wanted a beige PC box in every one’s home. He envisioned the PC as the future to connect everyone and everything, the PC was to be the central hub to connect your entire life to. Unfortunately for Bill, it didn't quite happen that way.  

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